Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Cold to..well do just about anything.

It's been so cold here the only barn time I've had is to run a kick chain up to the barn, feed an apple and head tail home.

Yes I did say kick chain.

Reason..Grace doesn't appreciate the money that was spent on her warm winter blanket and likes to kick out at the back straps. Her stall is new, new wood wall with all the amenities. The BO doesn't appreciate Graces ability to destroy the planks just because she gets a hiney tickle from the blanket straps. Plus I don't want Grace to hurt herself in one of her moments of lost sanity.

So our solution is a kick chain to give her a little kick back.

Wondering if anyone else has ever used one. I hear they work wonders. Not to expensive either.

So I hope everyone is ready for Christmas because lord knows I'm not. I should be wrapping presents as I write this but I can't seem to get motivated.

So spike your eggnog and have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. I was out at a barn on Redland road awhile back that uses kick chains. Hope it works for you. I'm a lucky woman. Around here hubby wraps all the presents except the ones for him.