Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skeerdy horse....

This was what my mare looked like tonight...(she is 1/2 Saddlebred you know, with a neck to Jesus).

With all the Skeery dark corners and the BO training her cutting horses with the mechanical BIG horse eating Flag that makes the far dark corner of the arena the "Hells to the NO I'm not going there, I don't care what you say" place, because of the pulley that makes sounds that remind Grace of the Horse Eating Tiger that lives in her nightmares...

She actually did pretty well considering doing most every thing I asked with little resistance, even though she was on high alert.

She was very conscientious of me being on her back..Her trot is getting better and more consistent.

I already miss summer and the riding in the daylight. So every night when I say my prayers I pray that they put lights in the arena SOON. Using only half of the arena with 3 or 4 horses just isn't very fun...I'm too worried about where all the other horses are and what they are doing instead of focusing on how Grace is moving.

All in all a good night at the barn. I need to get more focused and have more of a plan when I ride. She needs to be learning something every time we ride. I like to make myself feel better by saying that just exposing her to the skeery stuff is good enough but really I need to have a plan.

I need to get a lesson set up and soon...

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