Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little help from your friends...

This week we had a couple of great rides at the barn...okay it was a fantastic night! Grace was LAZY...LAZY....LAZY. She didn't want to go faster than a slow crawl if that. I don't know who's horse this is.

I did get some insight though I talked to the owner of one of her half sisters and she told me that the line gets calmer and calmer the older they get and by 4 which is how old her mare, Ellie, is she is super laid back and easy going. So who knows there maybe hope for Grace yet.

So anyway..I'm clucking and bumping and clucking and bumping and nadda, zilch, no response...So BBFF says here try my dressage whip...I'm like uh no..YOU try the dressage whip. So she hops on and bump, nothing, Cluck, nope, and TAP Oh yeah sister we mean business. And we are off to the races!! So she goes a few rounds, hops off and I hop back up and we we are off.

A good couple of circles at a good forward trot and OH SHIT there is something loud and scary outside in the dark (aka the BO's hubby moving hay or the moo cow bellowing or both at the same time) and the dreaded spook that I've been waiting for happened...But hold onto your hats...I rode it out...okay it wasn't that bad but Grace took off on me scooted to the right and then it was be honest it was bound to happen sooner or later and it was a great confidence booster for me. I gained control of her almost as soon as she lost it.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that while we were trotting around the arena at a good clip I sat back picked up the reins and I swear we had a sliding stop...I am not joking. It was amazing. Not bad for a NSH, right.

So on to today...

I invited myself to the Canby Tack Sale with JP1 and we both scored some pretty awesome stuff...I'll grab pics of it when I get out to the barn with the camera. A couple of my favorite buys are...

1 gallon HealthyCoat Supplement $12 (normally $36)
Breast collar...$5

Had a blast...Went to the barn cleaned it up...wanted to try it on the Money Pit but she was out in the down pour and soaking wet. So maybe we'll try it out tomorrow.

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