Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yet another weekend NO pony time.

Just wanted to vent...

BBFF and a bunch of other gals went on a super long trail ride today....can I just say how jealous I am. I board at a beautiful barn with hours of trails that I have yet to take advantage of.

Why you ask...well see the post from a couple of days ago.

But I swear if I could have gotten out today I would have gone....true story.

I have a lot going on this week...trying to catch up on the work I missed being out for 3 days last week, BBFF's birthday Dinner (happy birthday darling!!), my 4th wedding anniversary (I love you sweetheart!!), trying to get out to ride this week, oh and lets not forget the pumpkin patch and more soccer.

I'm tired already and I think I deserve a Mojito. So there.

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