Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer of Grace....

So much has happened in the last two months. I have been riding at least twice a week..YES...Riding Grace. She is amazing under saddle..very responsive and so soft in the mouth, She stands still at the mounting block and is so eager to work.

We have a few issues. When I say we, I mean Grace and I both have issues we need to work through.

Let's start with Gracie's issues.

She randomly pulls back when tied..and I'm talking broken lead ropes, ties pulled out of the wall you know the crappy scary shit. She doesn't do it all the time..some days she perfect. Then she'll break two leads in an evening. I wish I new what triggered it because then I could stop it before it happened. Someone told me it's a young horse thing....god I hope so. I have put her back in a rope halter (no snaps) and she has had quite a few dates with the ties in the arena.

Some other things that have come and gone in her behavior over the summer

RUNNING from me when she is out to pasture. Okay this is a deal breaker for me. I HATE chasing a pony in pasture. I don't know what was up her ass for a while but this seems to have passed (only lasted about a week or two) She now greets me at the gate....Like a good money burner should do.

She had some nasty skin fungus for a couple of weeks during the heat wave but that has cleared itself up.

She's growing again, butt high and gangly. I swear this pony will top out over 16 H. She is going to be a big elegant horse in a couple of years. Dressage anyone.....

Okay onto my issues.

I'm scared to take her out of the arena...our BO has taken her out to the pasture a couple of times with no issues. She's an angel in the arena....what the hell am I so nervous about. I'm a good rider. How do I get over this fear. I know she would be fine, but I don't want my nerves to rub off onto her and have my anxiety cause an accident.

I had a lesson with my old trainer and she made me feel great...I have another planned soon and I hope to talk to her about my issue...maybe gain some lost confidence and move out of the arena for at least one or two rides before the weather takes a dump and we are stuck inside anyway.

I've had thoughts of trading her for one of those "Dependable" stock type horses...but I just can't seem to follow through. I know this horse has so much potential. I think I just need patience and to go slow for both of our sakes...but we WILL do this partner thing. And if I hear "It's just the Breed" one more time....

New pics coming soon!! Stay tuned.

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