Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda....

I shoulda found time to get to the barn this weekend...

If I woulda found the time to get to the barn I had big plans since the weather was so great here in the Pacific NW. Ride in the pasture, maybe a bath for the money pit since she looks so shiny when she's clean (and I LOVE Shiny, just ask anyone who knows me).

I probably coulda planned my weekend better but...I'm not good with time management.

So Grace has been living the life of the pasture princess for a few days. Life is hectic. Does it ever slow down.

I really need to figure out this time crunch thing. I hope the BO gets the rest of the lights up in the arena since dusk is coming earlier and earlier....and Grace is literally afraid of her own shadow, and it will be dark before I even get home from work soon, let alone by the time I get to the barn, groom, tack, lunge and mount up.

Oh well next week will be better.

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