Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She isn't named Grace because she's Graceful...Yet.

So I think I posted a long time ago about how Gracie got her name...she came with the name JoJo. I just didn't want to leave the barn every night and head for Freddies Deli section, so I went on the hunt for a new name..She was a gangly tall two year old who and no control over her feet and would trip while in a strait line on flat ground...or nick her self here and there...I don't think there has ever had a full coat of hair. One of her latest having her hide scraped off a little on the hind legs after rolling too close to the fence and getting herself tangled up. (that was just after the hair grew back from the gross fungus she had when the heat wave hit)

So any who when I got the call from the BO on Sat I wasn't shocked when she told me that Grace had punctured's on the right side of the jaw line. Scared me a bit because this is worse than the other boo boo's she's given herself. They have patrolled the pasture and can't find anything that would have caused this...

So thank god the BO was a vet tech in a past she shaved the wound, flushed it out, made sure she was able to eat and drink, took her temp, gave her a shot of penicillin (had one a day or 3 days) and kept her inside to make sure it didn't get dirty.

Good lord, young horses. So I wonder what the next trauma will be...crossing my fingers it's minor...

I don't know if I posted about the battle over bridling that has started to happen. She has decided that having a bit in her mouth is overrated...the battle has been epic...but when you can't win bring in the big guns....I know I've said it a lot but having a BO that is also a horse trainer who doesn't mind stepping up and helping out when the chips are down is a god send.

She has been putting her bridle on while she's eating for me and working with that Right ear issue And Voila!!

She was a different horse last night..not overly hot didn't get excited over the electronic cow (Cutting barn) and it was nice..oh and did I mention there was NO lunging before mounting...Hell's to the Yeah!! We are making progress. (the only con to that was I forgot to get off and tighten the cinch and the saddle was a little loose on the dismount)

Oh and note to self...make appt with vet..she has two large baby teeth bumps on the I want to have those checked out and get the float and biannual shots.

So all is good in Graceland.....

BTW have I ever told you how much I enjoy the way she turns her head and rests it on my shoulder while I groom her...It truly is one of my happy places...

I think if I can get out to ride this weekend we will try to hit the's just been getting to dark during the week (Summer is definitely over)

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