Sunday, February 14, 2010

Posting Trot = My legs HURT!!

So yesterday I went out to ride was quite the event. Let me preface this by saying I am NOT a trained rider. Never have been. I've ridden a bit and can follow instruction when I have a trainer but otherwise I have always ridden and stayed on by the Grace of God or whatever luck I seem to have surrounding me on that particular day.

I have never been taught how to do a posting trot until recently and to be honest it was hard to get. Now Grace was bred to be a English Pleasure/Saddleseat horse. The pony pic below's sire is Gracie's Grandsire.

She didn't cut the breeders mustard so she came to live with me. She really should be a Hunter because her trot is insane she can MOVE, and to be honest I have been a little chicken to ride it out.

Until yesterday. She is getting fit since she has been in training with R and she was feeling GREAT. So I decided to find some courage and let it ride. It was awesome. She moved out and my posting felt natural and it was a fantastic ride. She was collected and giving to the bit (most of the time).

I can sure feel the workout in my legs, I worked way harder than Gracie did yesterday.

I hope I can get her pace down for the western jog...she does it but you can tell she really loves to move out into the extended trot!

Exilerating is all I can say. Now if I can just find my cantering cahonas we'll be doing great!!

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  1. So great it all came together. Think of what a great workout she is making sure you get while posting.