Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday weigh in....not so great

So this week has been a tough one on plan about 90% of the time, but that 10% I was sure threw my body chemistry into chaos.

I have been trying to figure out what threw me of coarse this week but I think I figured it out. Nature is a cruel beast.

Oh and to top it off my sweet brother in-law sent us these ubber fantastic brownies from a bakery in Brooklyn. Now I know that I should have said no but I really wanted one of those sweet and salty goodies that had been flown across the US just for us. I would love to say it wasn't worth it but I can't, it was fabulous. If you are ever looking for the best brownies ever I recommend BakedNYC !

Anyway I'm back on track and hope to have better luck next week...

So here we go...don't judge.

-0 lbs total -20 lbs


  1. Hey, that 20lbs total is awesome! You are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks!! I am back on track!!!

  3. But you are sticking with it and that is the important part. Some weeks we just don't loose weight.