Sunday, July 25, 2010


Good news my hubby ordered a new point and shoot camera for me today. I've been without one for a while and I really could have used one this weekend.

This is the one we bought the Samsung TL220.

I am really looking forward to taking lots of pictures while we are out on the trail.

So on Sat. we trailered out to McGiver State park and met with my friend Julie and her Dressage horse. It was my favorite kind of ride...uneventful with the exception of the momma Deer that was blocking the trail. We stared at her for a bit moved the horses forward and her two little baby twin fawns popped out of the woods onto the trail. The horses did great. Momma Deer moved on and we passed by the twins I'd say within 20 feet or so. It was relaxing and sooo good to get out and ride. Gracie had quite the workout. Being a pasture princess hasn't been very good for her fitness level. We are going to change that if I have anything to say about it.

Oh and I hooked up the trailer by myself and parked it back where it belonged at the ranch in between two other trailers. GOOO me. I can do this.

So today I had heard a rumor that there was a trail ride posse heading out from the ranch today so I called to see if it was still on. It was if I was willing so I threw on my jeans and boots and hit the ranch. It ended up just being another boarder and I but that was fine it was a good ride. About a mile of gravel road and then miles and miles of BLM trails.

The PNW is one of the most beautiful places on earth and my ride today proved that. It was HOT here today but in the forest it was probably a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Grace was alert but spooked a couple of times but it was pretty much again my favorite kind of ride uneventful.

I can't wait to share pictures of our rides in the future. It was an amazing weekend of breathtaking scenery and even better company!!


  1. Good for YOU and Gracie mare!
    Sometime..we shall have to meet for a ride!
    I too am getting pretty good at the hook ups and getting around!

  2. Oh yes we need to meet up for a ride, you just let me know when and were and Gracie and I will be there! The trailering is getting easier for both of us. Backing up in a straight line is still laughable but I get it eventually!!

    If nothing else you should bring Wa Mare out to the Ranch and we can head out to the BLM it's amazing and you can go for hours if you have a good sense of direction! Although I sericously have to consider boots for Grace.

    See you soon hopefully!


  3. Heather!!! YEA! I am so on that~ I would love to just come to you...tell me where you are and I will check the calendar...
    My E-mail is

    but-if you really want to be spot on- real time(am bad about e-mail) try a txt to my phone
    503-927-7854...haha Or just call me!
    If I were doing mainly boots still for my mare... I would consider the new "Cavallo"-"Endurance". The Cavallo "simple boot"is good too...but the Velcro does give way with use. The new "Endurance" ones...don't have a outer Velcro to break or get dirty. They have them at Union Mills Feed Store. They have a lot of cool horse tack there now!

    If you measure the Butress of Gracie's heals -across-to outside. And -from the back heal line to toe- that gives you the measurement to choose the right boot.
    Give me a txt or call soon...we may plan. + WHAT are you doing this weekend????
    Want to come horse camping for 1,2,3or 4 nights...or Meet up at Timothy lakes newest of horse camps. "Clackamas Lake"??!!! I am going with my Friend Jenn(must ride Monday, partner)We have a extra site and 4 extra stalls!