Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The boxes in the corner and a beaded dress

There are these boxes, two or three of them that have been sitting in the corner of the kitchen. I pass by them day after day.

Looking at them, dreading them, knowing that if I opened them I would be making a commitment. A commitment to myself.

They are boxes of Medifast that I ordered a few months ago. I've been telling myself that I'll go back on..that I need to do it for my 20 year reunion, but now that's only two weeks away so that goal flew out the window.

But then, I found the formal dress for the cruise Hubby and I are going on in Nov. Let me tell you it was a GREAT DEAL we are talking SMOKIN' deal...but alas a size too small...so what does a smart girl like me do.

I buy the dress of course a beautiful beaded number that will look amazing with a sun kissed tan and some gorgeous golden high heel shoes.

Then I come home walk over to the boxes, stare at them and make a commitment, once again, to myself. 4 mths. I ask myself how much can I loose in 4 mths?

That was last Thurs. So as of today I am down 9 lbs. First week is water wgt mostly but I don't care. 9lbs is 9lbs

so from the famous 80's band Whitesnake....

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