Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poked a hole in my sock trail riding...

(Stole this pic from BBFF T'anks lady)

So I'm getting some courage from the group at my barn. I have only ridden Grace once in the last two weeks because of my life not being my own right getting on today took some courage. That courage came in the form of my girls at the barn. There were quite a few of us that took off to the Christmas Tree Farm. I wish I had pictures..but I was so busy trying to be calm I don't think I could have taken any that weren't blurry anyway.

We were out about an hour and a half and Gracie exceeded all of my expectations. She decided she wanted to eat an alder branch and proceeded to give herself a bloody mouth but nothing serious, just some head shaking towards the end of the ride.

She only spooked once and that was at her own reflection in some Green house windows...but other than that she gave a look to a barking dog and then just went on our marry way.

I saw the stick "LOVE" I think I saw a picture of it on one of the blogs I follow but anyway it was great!

I hope to get a lot more of these rides in with Pictures of course...I need a new point and shoot camera. My phone is all I have right now with no zoom and getting it to ready for pics takes forever.

So good news I lived to blaze more trails..I loves my pony...

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