Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day of Firsts...

Here we are. My horse and My trailer. Big Girl Dreams do come true!

(Caveat yes I know her pad is cadiwompus it was fixed before we headed out. She would not stand still to be saddled. It was like saddling a greased pig)
Hi blogger peeps...I hope you haven't forgotten about us. Sorry I've been MIA but to be honest Grace has been nothing but a pasture princess for the past month or so...but today we changed that.

Well first number one - I hauled my horse somewhere. I'm not going to say I wasn't a bit nervous. I had someone else's horse with us too so there was lots of precious cargo back there. Grace had that trailer rocking for the ride to the Delta but she was tired and good on the ride home. We made it there and home all in one piece.

Second number one - Our fist off sight trail ride. We went out to the Sandy Delta with our barn owner and a couple of other barn friends. Can you see a familiar blogger pony in the next pic. Does the Black and white give her away? It's JP1 from For the love of a horse She's in the lead practicing for that next endurance ride.
There were lots of flat trails with puddles to play in. I found out how smooth Gracie's lope is (not on purpose) and did lots of trotting. Grace wanted to GOOOOOO. Mom wanted to not Gooooo. So we compromised a couple of times. There were tons of people/hikers with loose dogs, mountain bikes, and other riders. Grace was amazing! Again she shocks me with no real meltdowns while riding, okay there was one but I think it was me having a melt down when she wanted to lope and I really wasn't expecting it. But we worked through it and I stayed on so no complaints really from me.

The above pic of Gracie and I watching our buddy's go into the Sandy river...I'm going to be honest and say that I really wasn't interested in a fight so we kind of hung back.
But Gracie wanted in the took just a little coaxing and she was up to her knees in the water. I had to pull her back before my feet got wet. She can be so fearless.

When we got home she got a bath because she worked today!! It was an amazing day. Thanks Jenne for trusting me with Tonka and not showing if you were nervous (cuz I know you were)

Till next time! Heather and Gracie


  1. EXCELLENT!! You got to go on that trip too!!! I have never been there...flat is good for me...specially if there are multi use stuff going on!
    What kind of truck do you it? I am looking now...then I may meet you somehwere!

  2. KK!!! Hi, you should definitely try the Sandy Delta! It was an amazing ride and we barely scratched the surface. I drive a 2006 F150 and she hauled two horses just fine.

    I would love to meet you for a ride someday!! Okay Any Day would do!